Remote progress/time-lapse

Hioptic offers three types of time-lapse solutions for your construction project:

1/ Fully Automated.

We set up a permanent camera system to record images at regular intervals each day which are uploaded to our own secure server and then delivered to your own website for you and/or your customers to view.

When the project is complete a time-lapse is provided.

Cameras are usually mounted on a 10 or 12 metre mast and can either be powered by a customer supplied 240Vpower supply or can run on our solar system.


  • Fully Automated
  • 1000s of images captured during a typical project
  • Latest image can be viewed straight after capture
  • Great for inspecting your site without travelling there
  • Ideal marketing tool

2/ Multi-camera time-lapse

If the project to be captured takes just a few hours (a bridge section lift for example) then we can set up multiple professional DSLR cameras (we don’t use GoPro hobbyist cameras) on site and produce a dynamic time-lapse using cameras on the ground as well as a main overhead camera position up to 25 meters high.


  • Multiple camera angles
  • Main camera is placed very high showing the whole scene
  • Professional photographer is on site for the entire shoot
  • Can photograph at night

Sample multi-camera night time-lapse video below:

3/ High Mast Time-lapse

For this type of time-lapse we bring our customised mast mounted vehicle along to the site at regular intervals (usually fortnightly) and take high level progress photos from up to 25 metres high. For this service we use our very best professional cameras and chose carefully the time of day to give you great progress photos that you will be proud to keep as an archive record.

When the project is complete we provide a free time-lapse video from start to finish using gentle cross fades that makes the building appear to grow out of the ground in a pleasing way without the flicker and manic shadow movements associated with a typical time-lapse.


  • Professional photography gives provides a great archive record
  • Carefully chosen capture days
  • Professeional progress photos provided after each visit
  • Very high camera position – up to 25 metres high (80 feet)
  • Gentle time-lapse on completion makes for a relaxed viewing experience

Example below